Two Teenage Sisters Recollect Their Lives As Child Servants
June 12, 2010, 9:19 am
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Two Teenage Sisters Recollect Their Lives As Child Servants

By Chea Kimsan and Chin Sopheak

             Under the heat from the sun in a vast paddy field, Reaksmei and her younger sister, Somaly, wearing red and white scarves around their heads and holding sickles in their hands, are harvesting rice, sweating profusely, behind their house in Leak Anloung village, Rolaing Chak commune, Somraong Torng district, Kompong Speu province. But they do not complain about this tiring work if compared to the hard work they used to do during their childhood.

            Sixteen-year-old Reaksmei, whose complexion is as slightly dark yellow as her younger sister, said she and her younger sister had been sent to work as child servants for many years by her mother during which she and her younger sister had also been tortured. Reaksmei said she had 6 brothers and sisters, but she and her younger sister were not lucky to warmly live with their parents, grandparents and other brothers and sisters as her mother sent her and her younger sister to work as child servants successively. Continue reading


“If There Is Really A Next Life, I Want To Marry a Khmer Man”
June 12, 2010, 9:10 am
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“If There Is Really A Next Life, I Want To Marry a Khmer Man”

Around 2,800 Cambodian Women Married to Taiwanese

Denied Taiwanese Citizenship

By Yim Kimse and Chea Kimsan


 More than 10 years ago, Samnang decided to free herself from being hired to transplant rice seedlings and harvest rice under the burning sun in Sdao commune, Kang Meas district, Kompong Cham province, in the hope that she would enjoy a better life when a matchmaker persuaded her to marry a Taiwanese man who they had told her was a wealthy man.

Samnang hoped that after the marriage, she would get some money to support her aged parents after she had gone to live in Taiwan. However, all her hopes were dashed when she eventually became the one who earned money to support her husband’s family in Taiwan.

However, Samnang is not the only Khmer girl who has turned out to be victims due to her cross-border marriage with the Taiwanese or Korean men. Continue reading