Cambodian Journalists’ New Mission: Writing for Road Safety
January 22, 2015, 8:13 am
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Cambodian Journalists’ New Mission: Writing for Road Safety

by Moeun Chhean Nariddh

Director of Cambodia Institute for Media Studies in Phnom Penh



On the outskirts of Vinh Phuc City, north of Hanoi, a fighter jet roars across a clear blue sky as a tank rumbles beneath on the opposite direction. The thunderous sound of the warplane makes the earth and a graveyard in the vicinity tremble. The combination of the fighter jet, the tank and the graveyard quickly causes a flashback among many people of the Vietnam War that turned Indochina into battlefields more than 40 years ago.


Accompanied by a Vietnamese journalist, two Cambodian female reporters run across the multiple-lane highway. Yet, they are not trying to run for cover from the training fighter jet. In fact, the three journalists are trying to dodge the fast moving cars and motorcycles streaming down the highway. Continue reading