Ranariddh Should Choose Justice Over Money
October 14, 2007, 4:17 am
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 Ranariddh Should Choose Justice Over Money

By Moeun Chhean Nariddh



e sincerely praise the hard work of Prince Norodom Ranariddh, who has greatly contributed to the adoption of numerous laws in Cambodia in his name as President of the National Assembly.

 However, all his good work seemed to be severely affected by his recent remark concerning the trial of the Khmer Rouge leaders (“Ranariddh: KR Trial Money Could Help Poor”, October 19, Page 1).

 The prince argued that the $55 million cost for the prosecuting the Khmer Rouge leaders should instead be used to help the poor.

         It sounds like a good idea. But this amount of money is merely a drop in the ocean. If $55 million could make a change in the lives of our poor people, then the roughly $500 million-per-year international aid that has been given during the past decade would at least have been able to eliminate Cambodia’s poverty. Yet, millions of people are still very poor and hungry.

 As the leader of the legislative institution, the National Assembly, the prince has a mission to restore the rule of law and to find justice for nearly two million people who were killed or starved to death during the Khmer Rouge regime.

        To avoid the repetition of history, Cambodia must make every effort to ensure that the Khmer Rough criminals are put on trial.

 Lets look directly at the sad faces of the prisoners at Tuol Sleng and the piles of bones at “ killing field” sites throughout the country. Do these victims deserve justice? Should we take the tribunal money, then close our eyes and forget 2 million people who died?




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