The damned Yali Falls
October 13, 2007, 3:26 am
Filed under: Democracy


The damned Yali Falls

Moeun Chhean Nariddh



he International Atomic Energy Agency may be unaware, but the Yali Falls dams Vietnam has been constructing in recent years can well be as destructive as an Atomic bomb.

         Already it has caused about 40 Cambodian deaths as well as other destructions to people’s homes, animals, crops and environment.

 We know that Vietnam has been such a good neighbor of Cambodia. However, we should not rule out the possibility the two friendly countries become unfriendly. The conflict that we wish to avoid would follow.

 If this worst thing were to occur, Vietnam could easily kill Cambodians by releasing the massive water from its dams.

 However, Vietnam would not be Cambodia’s only foe. Those who funded the “damn” construction would also be equally blamed.

 Before it’s too late, we hope the international community will push for the cease to the erection of new dams. Cambodia has the right to live in peace and free of fear.


DECEMBER 5-18, 2003


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