KR Tribunal Could Deter Other Killers
September 29, 2007, 10:01 am
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KR Tribunal Could Deter Other Killers

by Moeun Chhean Nariddh


any people may find it dumbfounded to read about the brutal beheading of a farmer in Kampot province and the tragic murder of an accused sorcerer and his two sons in the neighboring Kompong Speu province.

        But other people and I are not surprised to see this kind of killing continues in Cambodia. Many criminals have now become fearless as they see other chief criminals, particularly the Khmer Rouge murderers, still walking freely with impunity.

 The gravity of these local crimes is nothing compared to the Khmer Rouge genocide. Unless the Khmer Rouge tribunal is held soon, Cambodia may never find an end to such slaughter.

 It is probably the lack of punishment for the crimes committed by the Khmer Rouge that made possible the grenade attack on peaceful protesters in front of the National Assembly in 1997 and the killing of innocent people during the coup that same year. Had the Khmer Rouge tribunal been held before that, these two large-scaled massacres wouldn’t have happened.

 Likewise, it could also be that these two massacres have provided a bad excuse for others to commit crimes. Numerous other crimes have followed as the criminals probably thought that they could also easily get away with their offenses.

 If the Khmer Rouge tribunal is held soon, it will not only find justice for the victims of the Khmer Rouge regime but it might also be able to save some lives. Petty criminals may at least think twice before they raise a machete to behead someone or pull the trigger to take the life of another human being.



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