September 11, 2007, 9:48 am
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“For the Love of God”

Page 51-52

The Powerless Gun

by Moeun Chhean Nariddh


What a damned gun it is!

Why doesn’t its trigger work?

How come it doesn’t sound “Bang” as I wish.

Why is a strongman no longer strong?

All right for the stubborn gun!

But what’s the matter with this stick?

It’s too heavy to lift.

What a strange day it is?

This means I’ll have to use the handcuffs.

I’ll keep him here for the time being,

so that he will never get off and escape.

And I’ll return and kill him tomorrow.

Hey, what handcuffs these ones are!

They were just bought not many days ago.

But the lock is so stuck it can’t be unlocked.

It’s just stuck as if it were stopped by a supernatural power.

However hard I am stopped, just wait and see.

I’ll kick you and break your mouth.

It’s wrong enough just to be arrogant with me.

I’ll beat and kick you till death.

Wow, are you in fact a ghost?

Because my arms and legs just become unmovable,

as if they were stopped by something.

My legs are stuck on the ground and I can’t walk.


Hey, you! The human man!

What you’ve done is wrong, you wicked!

How dare you badly treat a gentle man?

It’s a great sin you’ll never be able to escape.

In fact, I am the King of God,

disguising myself with clothes like you are.

Coming from heaven, the noble world,

I’m here with a message to save all men.

The message has something to say,

that from today on, you must stop

all kinds of torture as it’s illegal.

So, the humans get rid of it.

Those who argue and oppose this

will be inflicted by a disastrous curse,

making them unhappy and uncomfortable,

from this life to the next ones.

Note: The Khmer version of this poem below was originally published in the Reaksmei Kampuchea (Light of Cambodia) newspaper in 2002. It was then printed in the anthology “For the Love of God” which was produced by the SchoolFilm and Media Studies in Singapore in 2004. of



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