Black uniforms
September 10, 2007, 10:57 am
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Black uniforms

Dear Editor,

I just want to share my thoughts about black uniforms.

I have also had my jeans dyed black. Though they are labeled “Made in USA”, I was not influenced by the American movies like some young fellows. Nor by any other motives. It was just my mistake. This particular pair of jeans is more like a small family heritage from my brother who also inherited it from my other brother.

Why the mistake? When PPP reporter Simen told me she was writing about people dyeing their clothes black, I thought that was a good idea. I felt that by dyeing them black they gave me a feeling of wearing something new. But, I shouldn’t have chosen black. I should have gone from white to red or blue and then black. That isn’t, however, a fatal error.

Yes, the black color does give us a nightmare about the terror during the Khmer Rouge regime and its brutal black-uniformed soldiers. In this sense, black makes many people feel very disgusted. But, as a reminder of the regime, we should use it as long as we don’t go completely black like the KR. I’d rather wear black trousers than black shirts.

I think I can condemn the black-uniform regime this way. Maybe nothing is worse than being trousers. People can do all the nastiest things to them. For instance, if we drink unprofessionally brewed palm wine, the consequence is enormous. The trousers will suffer the most. People can also s**t or p**s in them, let alone the hated black trousers.

However, in case you will ever repeat my mistake, here’s one of my tips. If you are not going in a car, do look out at the sky before you go. If it rains, you may get a duplicated pair of skin-thin trousers. The color will come off. Your secret world will become unfamiliar!

Moeun Chhean Nariddh

Phnom Penh


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